Pilates is a full body workout which concentrates on strengthening deep skeletal muscles with a particular focus on core stability.


Pilates will improve your posture, strength, flexibility, balance and body awarness.

Movement is controlled, centred, precise, with flow and lateral breathing. 

This low impact form of exercise also encourages mindfulness as you move with precision and your breath. 


Pilates will aid in the reduction or elimination of postural aches and pains, most significantly back pain.   Fresh oxygenated blood is delivered to every part of your body as you move with awareness and control.


In Pilates the chance of injury is much lower than with other forms of exercise.  Top athletes use Pilates as a conditioning programme as it create balance in the body and increases the mind body connection.  Creating balance in your muscles also helps to reduce future injuries and keeps you fit to enjoy other sports and activities for longer.

One Day Movement, Meditation, Relax & Rejuvenate Experience

Sunday 1st May 2022

 10am - 9pm 

A full day of self love and self care.  
The day will include;  movement and stretch classes, relaxing mindful meditation/s, woodland walk, vegetarian lunch and evening meal, unlimited snacks & refreshments, fire pit meditation and a glass of wine or beer around the fire afterwards,   An opportunity to relax and breathe in the fresh country air.  The venue is a five acre meadow near Fillongley with stunning views of  North Warwickshire.  Time for you to just BE and unwind.  All classes and the woodland walk are optional, choose to do as much or as little as you like. Suitable for men and women of all ages.  Tickets are £95.00 and must be pre booked.



I offer I wide range of classes within Warwickshire area


I have a long standing experience in exercise and mindfulness


Dedicate a weekend to pilates and wellbeing


A selection of photos from my classes