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Who should practice Pilates?

Pilates is for everyone regardless of gender, ability or age. Better posture is achievable for us all and the benefits of good posture are fewer aches and pains.  Pilates is a whole-body workout encouraging a strong mind/body connection, so you may enjoy Pilates if you like yoga. 


Unlike yoga, positions are not held in Pilates instead the focus is on moving with control, breath and precision.


Pilates is great for increasing strength and mobility and will help reduce poor postural aches and pains by building strength in your deep muscles which play a major role in supporting your skeletal frame.  Pilates is safe enough to do on a daily basis, so when you come to my class please take a few exercises home with you to practice more regularly.

The recommendation from Joseph Pilates was to

“do it three times a week”.

Pilates for Physical Well-being


Pilates will increase your strength and mobility, giving you a “balanced body”. As you develop strength in your core you will feel more balanced and the stronger muscles will help to stabilize and protect the spine and back. Building strength from the inside out with a focus on strong abdominal, back and hip muscles will lead to great posture and reduced aches and pains. Pilates can be very effective in elevating pain from conditions such as sciatica, back pain and bulging disks. Care should always be taken when starting new activities.  Consult your doctor or physiotherapist if you have any concerns.

Single leg stretch exercise movement Pilates
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