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Mindfulness & Meditation

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Nikki Smith

Just wanted to say a big thank you for a really wonderful session on Monday.


To get an idea of what 'mindfulness' is all about and to appreciate how valuable it could be, was really useful. I think it could be life changing (hence the reason for booking onto your 6 week course!).  


The meditation was amazing to be honest. My mind usually wanders off frequently during 'relaxation' at the end of yoga. During meditation with you, my mind completely stopped wandering and I was totally relaxed. 


The whole experience was totally fulfilling.  I don't know if it's in my imagination, but I seem to be more relaxed since (even when decorating with my husband !!!).


I can completely understand why you don't want it too warm in your studio as I would definitely have gone to sleep which I would imagine would not be beneficial.. I will definitely bring thick socks next time!


Thank you once again!

Tracy Pinkham

I have been going to Audrajean’s pilates sessions for a couple of years on and off. More recently I have gone back to try to help a neck problem I have had for a while. I have really found a difference to my pain levels following my sessions. Audrajean is an excellent instructor, always ensuring everyone is in the correct position to increase the effectiveness of the precise movements. She tailors it beautifully to the needs and abilities of the group and puts lots of care and attention into our sessions.

Julie Edwards

I just started Pilates with Audrajean on a Friday in Coundon. I haven't done Pilates for years now and have had a back problem and a major operation. The class was brilliant as the beginner level was just right for me and allowed me to work within my own limits but was also good for my 19 year old daughter as there were variations she could do suitable for her being younger and more flexible. Will definitely be sticking with it! Great class, great teacher!

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